River Rothay

Incident Report #95 2013

Mon, 23rd December 2013, 14:32

A man and a dog were reported as being in the River Rothay in Ambleside. The dog managed to get back out of the water, but the man was swept away. A search was organised, involving Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Lake Wardens and Coastguard. Sadly, he was located, deceased, in the water some time later. Early suggestions that he was trying to rescue the dog can't be corroborated.

Man Hours: 
12 team members for 2.5 hours, plus a passing member of Patterdale MRT
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Incident Report #4 2004

Sat, 31st January 2004, 14:40

A canoeist was reported by a passer-by as in difficulty. He passed under a bridge in Ambleside shouting for help. The team was called and the canoeist was accounted for, having managed to get himself out of the water. Nice canoeing weather, but not so good otherwise.

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Incident Report #36 1997

Sat, 14th June 1997, 11:07
We were alerted to the presence of an abandoned push chair, with baby paraphernalia, on the banks of the river, in an isolated spot. Fearing the worse, a search was made of the river bank and the river, with the help of the Lake Warden and his boat. Nothing was found, but after about two hours the owners turned up. They had been for a stroll up Loughrigg. They were a little bewildered by the fuss, until we discovered that they were employees of El Al, and compared the incident with finding an abandoned suitcase at an airport.
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