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Incident Report #26 1997

Sat, 12th April 1997, 13:56
A 58-year-old woman slipped and fractured her ankle.
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Incident Report #39 1996

Thu, 20th June 1996, 21:18
A number of reports of shouts for help and flashing lights were heard and seen in this area. We searched across some very rough ground and found nothing. Who ever had been there had either sorted themselves out, or had never actually been in too much trouble. Still, it kept us occupied for a couple of hours.
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Incident Report #40 1991

Fri, 19th July 1991, 14:40
Several groups reported cries for help. The team with two of our Search Dogs found only a Church rambling club who had been singing hymns.'Father forgive them for they know not what they do'
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Incident Report #30 1989

Mon, 29th May 1989, 15:02
A 72 year old woman fell, receiving leg and chest injuries and possibly having a heart attack at the same time. By chance a helicopter was in the area and flew the woman to hospital. The casualty had a heart attack 3 weeks previous to this incident.
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Incident Report #35 1988

Mon, 1st August 1988, 21:20
Poor footwear may have caused a 51 year old woman to slip and sustain a fractured lower right leg.
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Incident Report #15 1988

Thu, 31st March 1988, 17:45
Inexperience probably led a 17year old London youth to 'have ago' at scrambling. The resulting 180 feet fall down a rock face left him with two broken lower legs/ankles (one compound), spinal and head injuries. The Team gave First Aid to the casualty and evacuated him to an awaiting ambulance.
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Incident Report #50 1987

Fri, 16th October 1987, 19:49

Because of wrong information and location, the team was on the Loughrigg side of Rydal Water looking for a 16 year old female from Morecambe. Ankle bootees may have caused her to fall and sustain a fracture to her right leg. Stretchered to Hart Head Farm to an awaiting ambulance.

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Incident Report #9 1987

Sun, 22nd March 1987, 14:15

The team assisted by RAF Linton and RAF Stafford MRT's went to the aid of a 60 year old female from Hampshire who slipped on wet fellside and fractured her left leg. Stretchered to roadside. Private transport to hospital.

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Incident Report #8 1987

Sun, 1st March 1987, 15:00

During heavy rain and gale force winds, a 17 year old female from Bury collapsed with exhaustion and hypothermia. Treated with the 'Reviva' (hot air re-warming device) at the scene. Patterdale MRT assisted with the evacuation down to Deepdale.

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Incident Report #21 1986

Mon, 16th June 1986, 15:25

An 11 year old girl from Hartford stumbled and crashed into a fence post. She was unconscious for 10 minutes. Stretchered to an awaiting ambulance.

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