Nab Scar

Incident Report #79 2013

Mon, 7th October 2013, 13:30
A woman slipped and sustained a suspected lower leg fracture. She phoned for help and the team responded. She was treated by team members and carried to an air ambulance for transfer to hospital.
Man Hours: 
14 team members for 1.5 hours
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Incident Report #23 2012

Tue, 17th April 2012, 14:33
The team treated and evacuated a 47-year-old male who had become semi-conscious and hypothermic near Nab Scar. He was transported to an ambulance for onward transport to hospital.
Man Hours: 
8 team members for 1.5 hours
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Incident Report #20 2012

Tue, 3rd April 2012, 16:30

A group of three became seperated in snow and poor visibility. They managed to regroup and make their way down as a search was being organised.

Man Hours: 
4 team members for 1 hour
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Incident Report #34 2009

Mon, 13th April 2009, 22:30

Flashing lights were reported from the Nab Scar area. While trying to spot the lights and identify if there was a problem, team members came across a group who admitted to having just come of the hill, having had a late start and a long day, and who had come that way with one torch between them. No other lights were spotted, so we went home.

Man Hours: 
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Incident Report #45 2005

Sat, 6th August 2005, 18:33

A woman collapsed while descending Nab Scar.

Man Hours: 
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Incident Report #30 2000

Fri, 5th May 2000, 21:09

A 62-year-old local woman slipped while descending and suffered a suspected ankle fracture. There's a cracking view from up there!

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Incident Report #38 1999

Sun, 11th July 1999, 12:51

A 69-year-old woman collapsed with heat exhaustion. She was treated with intravenous fluids and oxygen and taken by helicopter to Furness General Hospital.

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Incident Report #4 1998

Sat, 17th January 1998, 21:49
Two people became benighted when their torch battery failed. Take a spare battery and bulb-PLEASE!
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Incident Report #1 1998

Sun, 4th January 1998, 17:37
A lone American fellwalker was rather surprised to see us during his slow, but steady descent of Nab Scar. His light was reported as that of someone in difficulty, but he was OK.
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Incident Report #61 1997

Fri, 15th August 1997, 15:40
This 35-year-old man suffered an epileptic fit while descending after a days walk. He had come round by the time we got there, so we walked down with him. It was a hot, sunny day, and we were a little surprised at the amount of clothing he was wearing. We have seen people wearing less when it's snowing.
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