Langdale to Scafell

Incident Report #65 2018

Wed, 15th August 2018, 00:45
A lone male was reported overdue from a walk to Scafell. Team leaders monitored the situation overnight and a search was planned first thing. The man was located as teams were deploying
Man Hours: 
2 team members overnight and 5 for 2 hours
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Incident Report #70 2009

Sun, 19th July 2009, 23:00

A couple phoned for help when one of them sustained a knee injury and the became lost while trying to return from Scafell to Langdale. Only minimum information was received before contact was lost. After some discussion it was decided that a search should be organised. Along with Wasdale MRT and SARDA a search was planned. Further contact with the two meant that we could determine their position more accurately, and it was decided that they were descending to Wasdale via Styhead Tarn, at which point we went home and left Wasdale MRT to tidy up loose ends.

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Incident Report #62 2008

Sat, 9th August 2008, 23:30

Two groups, one of 4 and one of 5 and part of the same organisation, set off separately from Wasdale to walk to Langdale. One of the groups contacted friends at about 6.30pm from Scafell summit. Both groups were reported overdue at 11.30pm. A search was organised involving ourselves, Wasdale MRT, and a number of search dogs. They were located at 5am, having come together and walked out to Brotherilkeld. Another Three Peaks walk bites the dust(or mud, given the weather).

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Incident Report #7 1976

Sun, 7th March 1976, 19:00

A 21 year old man from London was walking with a party from Leeds University when he became exhausted and suffered exposure at Upper Mosedale.

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