Pavey Arc

Incident Report #49 2017

Thu, 18th May 2017, 16:20

A man slipped and fell around 5 metres sustaining a shoulder injury along with other potemtial injuries. He was treated by team members and air ambulance paramedics and then evacuated by Coastguard helicopter to Preston 

Man Hours: 
14 team members for 6 hours
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Incident Report #111 2009

Sun, 8th November 2009, 13:10

A solo male reported himself as cragfast on Jack's Rake. The team was deployed, but recalled shortly afterwards, the man having been assisted by two others who had come across him struggling. With their assistance he was able to get to safer ground and continue to the top.

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Incident Report #93 2009

Sat, 19th September 2009, 16:40

A male with as suspected dislocated shoulder was reported on Pavey Arc. The air ambulance was en-route and we were requested to attend in case they couldn't access the casualty. As it transpired, they were able to complete the evacuation, so we joined the audience at the Langdale Folk Festival, which was raising money for the Fix the Fells project, and SARDA Lakes.

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Incident Report #8 1990

Fri, 2nd March 1990, 21:14

25 year old man fell 250 FEET from Jacks Rake into deep snow and somehow survived with only minor head and other injuries. Airlifted to Ambleside by RAF Boulmer.

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Incident Report #4 1987

Sun, 25th January 1987, 17:00

A fellwalker reported to the police that two people seemed to be in difficulties on a frozen section of the Rake. Team searched the area — negative results.

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Incident Report #24 1986

Sun, 29th June 1986, 12:35

Whilst preparing to start a route a 26 year old female from Liverpool was hit and pinned to the ground when a large rockfall occured. She sustained fractures to her skull, collar-bone, arm. leg and other serious m|unes. As a "Joint Exercise" on Oakhowe Crags was taking place, the team and Bowland-Pennine M.R.T. responded to the alert. She was lowered 40' to a flat area and a helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer winched up and flew the casualty to Whitehaven Hospital.

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Incident Report #45 1984

Sun, 7th October 1984, 15:49

The team and R.A.F. Linton M.R.T. having just completed rescue 44 was called out again for a 21 year old female from Barrow who fractured her lower leg when she slipped on loose rock. She was lowered down the Gully on a stretcher, then conveyed down the fellside.

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Incident Report #2 1970

Tue, 17th March 1970, 14:55

Students heard what was though to be cries for help on Pavey Ark. Team Members unable to see anyone on the crag. Search was made of the area of Harrison Stickle. Flares used but no trace of anyone. A false alarm with good intent. The Team returned to the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel at 9-50p.m.

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