Incident Report #36 2018

Sat, 5th May 2018, 13:04
A woman sustained an ankle fracture when she slipped on wet ground. She was located by SARLOC, treated by team members, and evacuated by stretcher It's very useful in these circumstances if you can tell us where you are. Descriptions such as "we can see Rydal Water" aren't particularly helpful! Thankfully our SARLOC tool is very good, but it's doesn't work every time and not knowing where you are delays rescue!
Man Hours: 
17 team members for 2 hours
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Incident Report #50 2009

Tue, 19th May 2009, 14:03

A 60-year-old male, walking with friends and work colleagues suffered a suspected heart attack. The team attended, but sadly the man had died. His body was recovered to Ambleside.

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Incident Report #62 2004

Fri, 3rd September 2004, 17:47

A woman used her mobile to report herself lost. We located her and returned her to her accommodation.

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Incident Report #35 2003

Sat, 26th April 2003, 17:43

A 36-year-old woman slipped while descending and sustained an injury to her ankle.

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Incident Report #17 2001

Thu, 26th July 2001, 21:37

A 76-year-old man collapsed with a suspected heart attack. Sadly he died, despite the efforts of ourselves and the Air Ambulance, which had also been called.

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Incident Report #41 2000

Mon, 24th July 2000, 14:33

This couple in their 70's got a little out of their depth when they went for a wander from their hotel. They became 'cragfast' on a steep path and had to been assisted to more reasonable ground by team members.

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Incident Report #10 1981

Tue, 26th May 1981, 13:50

The team went to the assistance of a 70 year old woman from Eastbourne who tripped over rocks on muddy paths and sustained a fracture of her lower left leg. Town shoes could have caused the accident.

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