Dollywagon Pike

Incident Report #13 2018

Fri, 16th February 2018, 13:30
We were requested to assist Patterdale and Keswick MRTs with an incident where a man was seen to fall and slide out of sight. Poor phone signal meant that further information was hard to come by, so a search to locate both the man and his group was organised. In the meantime, they managed to reunite, with the man luckily having suffered only minor injuries, but they'd struggled to get through on the phone to report this. They were located by LAMRT members in the lower reaches of Tongue Ghyll. The man was assessed and confirmed to have had a lucky escape!
Man Hours: 
9 team members for 2 hours
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Incident Report #79 2007

Sat, 6th October 2007, 14:35

A 60-year-old man collapsed with severe abdominal pain. The call initially went through to Patterdale MRT, and because the exact location was uncertain, they called us.

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Incident Report #34 2003

Fri, 25th April 2003, 20:05

We were asked to assist Patterdale MRT with a search for a man reported as ill in a tent in the Helvellyn area. He was eventually located at Red Tarn, suffering from mild hypothermia.

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Incident Report #51 2000

Mon, 21st August 2000, 17:30

A man in his 50's suffered a twisted knee. He was evacuated to the valley with the help of members of Patterdale MRT

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Incident Report #60 1997

Tue, 12th August 1997, 15:18
This Danish woman, having received the dodgy advice that it was O.K to walk on the high fells in modern sports sandals, then went and slipped and fractured her ankle. Again assisted by Kendal MRT on a long and hot carry down. The advice came from two separate sources, both of whom should have known better. It took two team members to carry down here 'luggage'!
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Incident Report #29 1996

Mon, 13th May 1996, 13:55
This woman slipped near the summit of Dollywagon Pike and badly fractured her collar bone. She was treated at the scene and airlifted to Furness Hospital by RAF Boulmer.
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Incident Report #24 1989

Wed, 26th April 1989, 13:42
Passing walkers found a 53 year old man collapsed on the path. The Team went to the scene and a helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer flew the casualty to hospital. Diagnosed as a diabetic coma.
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Incident Report #12 1983

Sat, 2nd April 1983, 16:00

During a heavy snowfall a 15 year old youth from Surrey slipped in deep fresh snow and sustained pelvic and leg injuries. Adult supervision and foul weather route rather suspect.

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