Alcock Tarn

Incident Report #44 2018

Wed, 16th May 2018, 12:24
A woman skipped on steep ground and sustained a painful wrist fracture. She was treated by team members and evacuated to Ambleside for onward transport to hospital
Man Hours: 
13 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #108 2015

Tue, 27th October 2015, 15:54
Man Hours: 
18 team members fo r2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #49 2015

Mon, 8th June 2015, 19:58

A man is his 80's went for a walk, but became a little waylaid and then exhausted trying to find his way down.He also sustained a minor arm injury 

Man Hours: 
10 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #14 2015

Fri, 27th February 2015, 16:55
A 66-year-old male took a tumble and sustained a head injury. He called for assistance and the team did what we do... he was located, treated, and assisted down.
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Incident Report #97 2014

Fri, 14th November 2014, 22:36

An elderly male separated from his wife and subsequently benighted. She returned to their hotel and reported him missing. A hasty search was organised around the Alcock Tarn area, and he was located, sitting in the dark, waiting patiently for rescue... He was assisted off the hill and returned to his hotel, wife and hopefully, dinner...

Man Hours: 
18 team members for 2.75 hours, including 2 of the team's search dogs
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #62 2014

Thu, 7th August 2014, 14:30
Almost simultaneous to the previous incident we were alerted to a second near Alcock Tarn in Grasmere. A woman had slipped and suffered a suspected fracture to her ankle. She was treated by team members and evacuated to an ambulance waiting on the road below.
Man Hours: 
10 team members for 2.5 hours, plus Kendal MRT on standby if needed
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #32 2010

Mon, 22nd March 2010, 13:15

We were requested to assist in recovering a man who was suffering from a heart condition some way from the road.

Man Hours: 
7 team members for 1 hour, plus North West Ambulance Service paramedic
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #54 2009

Sun, 31st May 2009, 15:31

A 65-year-old man sustained a knee injury while walking with his family. He was treated and stretchered off by team members.

Man Hours: 
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #97 2006

Mon, 25th December 2006, 14:29

A man collapsed while walking with family at Alcock Tarn.

Man Hours: 
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #84 2006

Mon, 23rd October 2006, 12:40

A woman sustained an ankle injury after she slipped on a damp log.

Man Hours: 
Unique Incident ID: 
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