severe weather event

Incident Report #85 2021

With Storm Arwen in full flow we were requested to assist the Fire Service with treating and evacuating a young man who had been hit by a fallen tree, sustaining a fractured femur and skull. It was proving difficult to get an ambulance crew to him because of fallen trees, so we assisted a BASICS doctor with his treatment and evacuation once the Fire Service had cut the tree away from him

Man Hours
9 team members for 2 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #121 2015

Day two and water level are becoming a problem across the whole county, and beyond. Again, assitance provided to NWAS in accessing and transferring patients to hospital, welfare checks on vulnerable people, and the most significant event of our day, the temporary loss of a vehicle. It was being used to recover 25 passengers from a coach, trapped by a series of landslides on the north side of Dunmail Raise when it, two team members and the driver of the coach also became trapped by subsequent landslides.

Man Hours
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #120 2015

The predicted severe weather started to have an impact. Among other issues, our nlocal ambulance station became flooded, with the crew moving in to our base. Regional cooridnation of MR responses was scaled up and requests for flood related assistance started to come in. Welfare checks on residents of vulnerable properties, recovery of people daft enough to sink their cars, some repsonses with NWAS paramedics and a couple of transfers to hospital

Man Hours
19 hours
OS Grid Reference