Challenge Event

Incident Report #26 1999

Two men on a sponsored walk were reported overdue. They were amongst 20 or so unaccounted for, but for some reason were causing the organisers concern, when the others weren't. We found them after a brief search. We went home quickly before the status of any of the others changed. The organisers had a great plan in place with respect to emergencies, but like all plans they work really well until you introduce people into them! Mountain Rescue Teams in the Lake District share a common dislike for sponsored events on the hills.

Incident Type

Incident Report #18 1976

Two men aged 34 years and 47 years from Sheffield and Keighly respectively, collapsed with exhaustion and exposure at the summit of Bowfell, Langdale. Both men were given 'Reviva' treatment (hot air). The team carried one on a stretcher and the other under his "own steam" to Angle Tarn, where a helicopter from RAF Boulmer took them both to Keswick Hospital.