Thank You


Thanks a lot . . . we are very grateful to all those who support us.

This support comes in many forms:

  • Our families who tolerate our absence from home, our wet clothes and our tired bodies.
  • Our employers who are flexible when rescues don't quite fit working hours.
  • The people who work in the background, away from the active callout list, to keep the team running, mainly with fundraising.
  • The Police and Ambulance service with whom we enjoy an excellent rapport.
  • The RAF who fly the odd helicopter in to assist, and send manpower in the form of their MRTs to assist.
  • The other Lake District MRTs with whom we work on cross boundary jobs, especially on big searches. A special mention here for Kendal MRT, whom we work with fairly regularly when the job's too big for one.
  • The shops, pubs, and hotels that have our collecting boxes and raise money in other ways.
  • To all those who donate money, and services, whether in large or small amounts.
  • The farmers and landowners that allow access across their land, saving us long walks.
  • Lakeland Landrover and Crake International

And to all those others who help us in so many ways, THANKS.