Scott Murray

Advanced Paramedic in Primary Care. Moved to the Lakes in 2014 and became a full team member in 2015. Came to mountain rescue with all the mountain pedigree you would expect from someone who grew up in the foothills of Birmigham

Robin Brackenbury

Moved from London to The Lakes in 2014, having worked in commercial property asset management for 30 years. Now runs a bed & breakfast and self catering business in Ambleside. Works at music festivals in the summer, as an occasional tour guide around The Lakes and helps train mountain rescue search dogs. Joined the team as a trainee in 2016.

Mike McVey

Mike was born and bred in the Lakes (quite rare creature in LAMRT), but the bright city lights lured him away for a couple of decades. After some reasonably exciting travels, the rainy fells eventually brought him back, and he lives with his wife and son in the house where he grew up. In his spare time he struggles to keep up with his son in the fells.


Ted is Roger's 3rd search dog following in the paw prints set by Paddy and Beinn. Ted graded when he was 2 years and 1 month old in June 2013.

Phil Kirby

Phil is a photographer specialising in Trail Races, when his day job as a courier doesn't get in the way. His first contact with the team was way back in the seventies when they were called out to assist one of his school party. It's taken him a while to get involved …