Incident Report #80 2005

A competitor in the annual Wansfell Race sustained a suspected left ankle fracture while descending. He was treated by team members and transported to hospital. Hopefully they've still got a bit of turkey in the canteen. It was icy underfoot and light snow fell on the descent… That's the boring version! The red-top version might read...


An Ambleside Mountain Rescuer was involved in the dramatic rescue of his son today. The man was hurtling down an icy mountain while competing in a race, when he slipped and suffered serious injury (he told us it hurt) to his ankle. The man's father, watching the race with the rest of the family, was just wondering where his son was after the leading competitors had passed through, when his pager sounded to alert him to a rescue. "Imagine my surprise when the casualty turned out to be my son" remarked the team member.

The team braved winter conditions (it snowed gently, but was quite chilly!) to rescue the man. He was reunited briefly with his family at the bottom of the hill, before being transported to hospital.

The victim's son (6-years-old) was heard to comment that he thought the rescue went well, but that if it had been any higher up, we should have used a helicopter. The team suspects that he is jealous, because his Dad got a sledge ride down the hill, and he didn't.

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