Incident Report #49 2004

Three men became lost on Bowfell. They were inadequately equipped for the conditions which were cold, wet and windy. They happened upon a group of Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates who, although slightly off route, were equipped for, and coping with, the conditions. The young people from the D of E expedition realised that the men were in trouble, and put tents up for them, and prepared to spend the night. They contacted their assessor to let them know that they weren't going to make it to their planned campsite, and that they would continue in the morning. The three men were not happy to spend the night out and used the young people's mobile to contact the Police. The Police called us out to rescue the three men, and in consultation with the group of young people, and their assessor, it was decided to escort them off the hill as well. LAMRT has been critical of D of E expeditions before, but in this case the young people acted admirably, and their actions meant that the three men didn't have to spend a very cold and uncomfortable night on the hill. We can only guess at the outcome of this happening. The young people deserve praise for putting the safety of the three men before their expedition, which they would likely fail to complete.

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