Incident Report #53 1995

Olly the dog was recovered from the beck, after his owners had put him in there. He had collapsed and they assumed he was suffering from heat exhaustion. He was actually suffering from gastro¬enteritis, and was severely dehydrated. The cold water added hypothermia to his list of complaints. He was taken to a vet, unconscious and on oxygen, and treated there. He made a full recovery. Still, they could have parked in the sun with the windows shut and boiled his brains in a car. (He may have been better off!).
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Incident Report #67 1997

Four boys on a D. of E. expedition were reported missing overnight. Their supervisor had been to check on them at their campsite at Grisedale Tarn, but had been unable to locate them, so reported them missing. We located the boys making their way to Grasmere, having spent the night at their campsite at......... Grisedale Tarn. They had pitched their tent in the lee of small mound to protect it from the wind, and had heard the supervisor calling them, but had been unable to attract his attention. Boys 1: Supervisor 0.
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Incident Report #21 2011

A couple became lost and disorientated when descending from what they thought was Fairfield. It is unlikely they ever went up Fairfield but after a bit of detective work and searching, they were located near Buckstones Jump in Rydal valley. They had a map and compass in their bag, but didn't know how to use either and had been 'navigating' from Google maps on an iphone... not good...

Man Hours
13 team members for 3 hours
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OS Grid Reference