Lining Crag

Incident Report #24 2012

We joined Keswick MRT in a search for a couple who had become exhausted somewhere around the Greenup Edge area. They were uncertain of their location, and communication was poor. Teams were dispatched into Greenup Ghyll, Wythburn and Far Easedale. They were located by Keswick team members near Lining Crag and assisted off.
Man Hours
9 team members for 1.5 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #43 1995

A 17 year girl was reported as unconscious in a tent in this remote spot. Team members were flown to the scene and found the party in question. They were evacuated to Ambleside. When you've driven from the south of England, arrived mid-afternoon, backpacked several miles, put tents up at midnight and gone to sleep, it's amazing how "unconscious" you can appear when someone tries to wake you at 2a.m.
Incident Type