Mine Rescue

Incident Report #26 1979

A 40 year old man from Carlisle was exploring a mine when the roof collapsed and he was buried 30' from the mine entrance. He sustained head, leg, arm and chest injuries.
Footnote: This man had been warned by others that it was unsafe to go and explore due to dangerous state of roof, etc. lt took 4 hours to free the man by the Mine Rescue Unit. This comprises a section of our Team, the Keswick Team and the Kendal Team, plus the Helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer which transported rescue mine equipment from the Cave Rescue Organisation at Clapham to Caldbeck.

Incident Type

Incident Report #1 1978

The Team assisted Coniston M.R.T. in recovering the body of a 26 year old Bolton man when he fell 340 ft. down a disused mine shaft at TAYLOR LEVEL MINE, RED DELL, CONISTON. Footnote: This man had climbed over a fence around the mine shaft — Two years earlier a similar accident occured — this time the victim lived. Weather conditions: Rain, Mist, Cold, Darkness.
Incident Type