Incident Report #35 2024

A man reported himself lost and disorientated in the region of Crinkle Crags. A search was organised and team members were deployed when he made contact with other people who were confident that they could assist him. They guided him to Three Tarns and pointed him downhill. The team stood down

Man Hours
11 team members for 3.5 hours, plus LDMRSD
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
Unique Incident ID
Safety Tip

Check the weather forecast

Always check the weather forecast for the area you are visiting.
Mountain forecasts are available from:

The weather can change unexpectedly and you should be prepared for this. If you are immobilised because you or companion are injured, or because you become cragfast or benighted you will cool down very rapidly. A bivvi bag is useful (essential) to protect you in these circumstances.