Incident Report #21 2022

A woman slipped on the lake shore after having been swimming in Grasmere


She sustained a dislocated shoulder, She was treated by team members and assisted to the road from where she was transferre to hospital by ambulance

Man Hours
8 team members for 2.5 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
Unique Incident ID
Safety Tip

Wear appropriate footwear

Your footwear is the link between you and the ground.

Buy the best you can afford from a reputable outdoor shop. The comfort of your boots is vital, reducing fatigue and giving support on rough ground. Fashion boots aren't suitable and trainers are only suitable for easy terrain on good days. The lightweight specialist fell-runners wear dedicated shoes with deep studded off road tread, not road running shoes for this reason.

Winter requires additional support, with '4 season' boots capable of taking crampons and also with a more rigid sole, allowing the 'edge' to be used for grip on steep or snow covered ground.