Incident Report #108 2017

A man separated from his friends to continue to Bowfell while they returned to the valley. When he hadn't returned by 7pm a search was organised.

Luckily he was located by some mountain leaders, who where carrying out a night navigation exercise in the same place (commonly known as The Middle Of Nowhere!) as he went to ground, cold, hungry and very wet. They were able to contact police and pass their location and plan was hatched whereby they would walk him down to Lingcove Bridge, where he would be met by a Wasdale MRT group who had deployed to search that area. 

We were also assisted by four Lake District search dogs. Let's be honest... it's cold, wet and very dark. This man was cold and frightened and his being located by chance by a group of competent people who knew where they where, late at night in the middle of nowhere was pure good luck on his part... it's no exaggeration to guess this man may not have survived the night without their chance intervention.

Both Keswick and Wasdale MRTs had been out earlier in the day for an unprepared party. To reiterate, it's cold, wet and very dark! These conditions can all be coped with adequate preparation, equipment and a bit of common sense... a flimsy waterproof and a wing and a prayer doesn't constitute any of these. A debt of gratitude is owed to the mountain leaders who found the man, warmed him up and delivered him to Wasdale team members. Cheers guys!! Hope the walk back your campsite wasn't too onerous!

Man Hours
8 team members fo r6 hours
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