Incident Report #69 2012

A 69-year-old male walker was reported overdue from a walk in the Far Easedale area. He was reported as experienced and capable, and unlikely to get lost. He was known to have a potentially serious and rare medical condition. A search was organised, with help from Keswick MRT, search dogs and a Seaking SAR helicopter from Boulmer. He was located near Calf Crag, on his planned route but immobilised by a leg injury. He had no mobile signal, and had been unable to call for help. It's unfortunate that he wasn't spotted by other walkers, because he wasn't far from a popular path. He was stabilised by team members and evacuated by the RAF Seaking to the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
Man Hours
14 team members for 5.5 hours, plus Keswick and Kendal MRT, SARDA and RAF Boulmer
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
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