Incident Report #13 2009

A man slipped, falling around 10 metres,  and sustained a twisted knee and gashed hand. He struggled to get to a location where he could get a text message to his wife requesting help, and get some shelter from the weather. Initially he reported a suspected fracture, but he was able to make slow and painful progress down the hill. He was met by team members and assisted to the valley floor. We were assisted by Kendal MRT. Prolonged winter conditions experienced so far this year have been rare in recent years, however the message is the same as always. Be prepared. Experience, appropriate equipment, and sound judgement are crucial. Ice axe, crampons, warm clothing and reliable torches are vital in current conditions. Remember as well, soft snow is exhausting to walk in, frozen snow is very slippery.

Man Hours
45, plus 15 Kendal MRT
Incident Type
Unique Incident ID