Incident Report #122 2009

While the previous rescue was in full flow we were alerted to another incident involving a 16-year-old girl from a party of 13 who had fallen around 100metres down the fellside while the party were descending from Yoke. She suffered head, neck, chest and leg injuries. Other team members, not already involved with the previous rescue were dispatched, and along with a request to Kendal MRT and the helicopter to assist. Team members arrived just after the helicopter, and along with a couple of Kendal MRT treated the girl, helped load her into the helicopter, and then escorted the remainder of the party off the fell. Members of Kendal MRT also assisted in removing our vehicle from a deep muddy gully in which in had become stuck on the way to this incident!!

Man Hours
12, plus Kendal MRT
Incident Type
Unique Incident ID