Incident Report #2 2007

A party of around 15 had left the summit of Broad Crag to descend to Gt Langdale when they realised that they had left one of their number behind. Most of the party continued their descent back to Langdale, but 4 broke off to look for the missing man. All 5 were reported overdue at around 18.00. Initially Wasdale MRT were contacted, but once it had been established that they were all most likely on the Gt Langdale side, the problem was handed over to us. An initial check of cars established that all 5 were still on the hill, but it was decided to let time pass to give them all chance to make their own way down. This is what happened, with the lone man arriving at about 18.30, and the other 4 making their way off at 20.30. Although neither of the previous incidents resulted in a full team callout, they are recorded here because, although they involved a small number of people, they consumed some considerable amount of time.

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