Incident Report #17 1978

A search was started by S.A.R.D.A., Patterdale and ourselves when a male fellwalker from Macclesfield failed to turn up in Patterdale after leaving the Grasmere Y.H.A. He left a route card at Grasmere to say he would be going to Patterdale via Helvellyn and Swirral Edge. The overnight search was called off when he turned in for work at 7.00 a.m. next morning at Macclesfield. Footnote: This thoughtless, irresponsible walker put a lot of people to a great amount of trouble searching in appalling weather conditions for a man who had gone home, and who had never been on the 'hill', despite leaving a route card. Weather conditions: DEEP SNOW, HARD FROST, BLIZZARDS, VERY COLD & ICE UNDERFOOT.
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