Incident Report #37 1975

A 41 year old woman from Oldham became benighted at Rossett Ghyll after setting out from Borrowdale at 3 p.m. to walk to Langdale. The team with two dogs searched from Stake Pass to Angle Tarn and Rossett Ghyll and the woman was found at 3.30 a.m. the next morning, 29th December, half way up Rossett Ghyll. She was unharmed. Footnote: This woman started from Borrowdale alone to do a four hour walk at 3 p.m. — with one hour of daylight left, and her fell walking experience should have told her not to attempt such a foolish thing. It was very fortunate that she stayed put when her torch batteries ran out, because she was just a few footsteps away from a ten foot drop when she was found by the team. The weather was cold, with intermittent rain, and wet under foot.

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