Incident Report #2 1975

A 17 year old youth from Gloucester was carried down by stretcher after collapsing on Harrison Stickle (2,000') suffering from severe exposure. The latest exposure hot air treatment (REVIVA) method was used for the first time by the team. The youth recovered later, but without Reviva his life would have been in grave danger. Footnote: Once again the party was not equipped for the severe conditions encountered. Severe snow storms became blizzards with gale force winds and ice at 1300 feet and above. There was a complete whiteout for 45 minutes at 1800 feet. Members reported some of the worst -:ver experienced on a rescue. Full marks to the Reviva hot air equipment. This group should have known what conditions were likely to be, as they were correctly predicted by the Lakes Weather Service, and a local phone call to Windermere 5151 should have been made before they set out.
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Safety Tip


The effects of hypothermia are insidious and can creep up on people.

Have spare, warm clothes, and carry plenty of high energy food to keep our glucose levels topped up.
Beware of wet clothes exposed to the wind. The cooling effect is MUCH greater through wet clothes.