Pike O'Stickle Screes

Incident Report #21 1974

Female (30) of Coniston, was struck by a large stone whilst on Rescue No. 20, and she received leg injuries. The team carried her down on a stretcher and she was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal. Footnote: The stone was dislodged by a party further up the scree who were unconnected with the rescue team and previous accident victim. This woman is a very experienced mountaineer and was assisting with Rescue No. 20 when the accident happened.

Incident Type

Incident Report #20 1974

Student (18) of Nottingham, fell while "scree running" in Pike O'Stickle, Langdale and he received serious head and shoulder injuries. The team carried him down the scree on a stretcher and then he was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal.
Footnote: This man had fairly good footwear but he was descending the screes in short pants without sufficient leg protection against the stones. He had no previous experience on screes. Weather conditions: dry, clear skies but dull.

Incident Type

Incident Report #22 1978

A 19 year old youth from Farnham slipped and fell on the screes, sustaining head and arm injuries. The Team escorted the youth down the fell, he was seen by the Team Doctor, then by own transport to Kendal hospital. Footnote: Screes seem to take their toll of fellwalkers. Great care should be taken when descending them. Weather conditions: DRY, CLEAR, SHOWERS NOW AND AGAIN.
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