• Search dog Kitt

    Tue, 16/07/2019 - 10:36

    Sadly, Kitt died last night after a short illness.

    For those of you who might not know, Kitt was not only a great family pet but a LDMRSDA search dog attached to Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team between 2009 and 2015. She assisted with many rescues throughout the lakes, as well as one or two in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scotland.

    Many of you will recall her on rescues, searches and training sessions. My most memorable ones include; searching for victims of the Cumbria shootings, locating a Japanese tourist who'd become lost in the mist on Heron Pike and her escape from her harness whilst on board a Sea King Helicopter, causing mild panic amongst the crew and a rather swift landing, as she crawled towards the cockpit!

    Thank you to all those people who hid, helped and generally made her life a succession of brilliant adventures.

    Kitt also accompanied Eddie Izzard for part of his multi-marathon run and was famous for bringing unfeasibly small sticks to throw

    Her passing leaves a void in our household but the Benson's can take some comfort in the knowledge that, as dogs lives go, her life was pretty amazing and certainly action packed.

  • Adventure Smart

    Sat, 04/05/2019 - 21:16

    We are delighted to have been involved in the development and launch of Adventure Smart UK and Adventure Smart Lake District Cumbria.

    This is an initiative designed to deliver consistent safety messages to a wider audience and is backed by LDNP, Cumbria Tourism and National Trust, amongst others.

    Take a look at and the hashtags #makeyourgooddaybetter and #beadventuresmart

  • Young recruits join the team

    Mon, 01/04/2019 - 15:18

    We're lowering the recruitment age for the team...

  • Kind donation

    Thu, 11/01/2018 - 20:22

    We showed a young man around our base. He'd asked to visit after his dad took part in the Blue Light Walk. He very kindly donated some chocolate by way of a thank you
  • Mind Blue Light Walk

    Mon, 18/09/2017 - 21:24

    It was great to meet the guys from Mind Blue Light Walk as they passed through Ambleside on route to Blackpool, raising awareness of mental health issues within the blue light services, both paid and voluntary

  • New safety leaflet published

    Thu, 20/04/2017 - 07:44

    With help from Cicerone, Lakes teams have updated their safety leaflet and copies are being distributed

  • Peter Greenall

    Fri, 14/04/2017 - 16:29

    The team is saddened to announce the recent death of Vice President, Peter Greenall

    Peter was a Deputy Team Leader from the inception of the team in 1970 until 1972, then followed Syd Cross as Team Leader from 1973 to 1975

    Pete was variously an electrical engineer and also manager of Ambleside’s Climbers Shop. He was a very knowledgable climber and was renowned for his sense of humour

    Peter had retired to Spain, but remained team Vice President from 1977  until his death


    The team extends its best wishes to Peter’s family and friends

  • Donation from the Golden Rule

    Fri, 28/10/2016 - 20:44

    Many thanks to all consumers of Dizzy Blond at Ambleside's Golden Rule... 

  • Robinson's Brewery and Golden Rule support the team

    Sun, 24/07/2016 - 17:41

    Five pence from each pint of Dizzy Blond bought at The Golden Rule in Ambleside will go to the team

    Thanks to both for their support

  • Innovation award for Cumbrian mountain rescue

    Thu, 18/06/2015 - 22:02

    Nick Owen, LAMRT Team Leader was present at the recent Cumbria Tourism Awards to accept an award on behalf of ALL Lake's teams for their innovation in the use of modern technology, for the benefit of visitors to Cumbria.

    The award was created by sculptor, Chris Brammall, whose dad, Andy, was actually an LAMRT member and search dog handler in the past

  • Visitor to Lowfold

    Sat, 09/05/2015 - 17:36

    Almost a year on from his climbing fall, it was great to see Rick doing so well. Rick suffered a very serious head injury, along with chest injuries and was rescued in incident 35 of last year. 

    He recently got engaged and his friends and family raised a substantly donation at their party

    He presented the doantion along with his fiance and future mother-in-law

    He's slowly getting back to climbing after a  lengthy and tough recovery



  • Collection in aid of earthquake hit Nepal

    Wed, 29/04/2015 - 15:12

    Ambleside and Kirkstone Rotary are carrying out an emergency collect in aid of the people of earthquake hit Nepal.

    Hayes Garden World have kindly given permission for them to be there on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd.

    The times of collection will be 11.00 - 4.00 pm on Saturday, and 11.00 - 3.00 pm on Sunday.

  • MBE for Johnny Graham

    Wed, 31/12/2014 - 13:21

    The team are delighted to be able to congratulate Johnny Graham on his award of an MBE for services to mountain rescue.

    Johnny has been a team member since the teams formation in 1970 and was a member of Ambleside Fell Rescue Team before that.

    Best guess is that Johnny will have been involved in over 1500 rescues..

    Nice One Johnny!!
  • Presentation of donation from The Sunday Walking Club

    Sun, 02/11/2014 - 16:22

    A donation of in excess of £600 was raised by the Sunday Walking Club, Preston.

    We rescued one of their members from Fairfield and this was their way of saying thanks. It is much appreciated.

    Members then set off for a walk, complete with our ex-casualty, now recovered. It's great to hear a happy ending.

  • Donation in memory of Matthew Jordan

    Wed, 06/08/2014 - 14:03

    The team recently received a visit by the family and friends of Matthew Jordan. Matthew tragically died in March, and the team were heavily involved in the search for him.

    They were given a base tour, and got to see the team dealing with an incident which occurred while they were there.

    They presented the team with a cheque for £7500, which we will share with Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs, eights of whose dogs and handlers were involved

  • Norske Folkenhjelp

    Sun, 01/06/2014 - 14:17

    Fifteen members of the Norske Folkenhjelp spent two of their three days in England with us. On Thursday we showed them round our base, demonstrated some of our gear and explained how we worked. Some ventured up Helvellyn and on to Striding Edge to sample English mountain walking at its finest. On Saturday we organised a mock rescue exercise for them to take part in. A 'casualty' was treated and evacuated from steep ground high above Kirkstone Pass, and a wide range of our medical kit and technical kit was used.



    The afternoon entertainment was provided by the inevitable rescue, where some of them joined us to deal with incident 38, while others sampled the heady pleasures of Ambleside outdoor shop and cafes.



    We got together again in the evening to sample some typical English food... a big pot of Chicken Tikka and some local Cumbria beer... some of them finished their visit by going to Blackpool on their way back to the airport!!

  • Movie Premier!!!

    Tue, 15/04/2014 - 11:41

    Zeffirellis present Downhill, the movie.. looks like fun and the team benefits!

    Tuesday 27th May 7pm reception 8pm film

    Thanks for the support.


  • Sad news

    Thu, 28/11/2013 - 16:43

    The team is saddended to hear of the recent death of former team leader and president, Stewart Hulse. Stewart was a founder member of the team an served for many years. 

    Upon retirement from active mountain rescue, Stewart continued his support for the service with high profile campaigns to remove VAT charges from teams.

    There will be a service to remember Stewart and celebrate his life at St Martin's church in Bowness on Saturday 7th December

  • Could you save a life..?

    Tue, 27/08/2013 - 15:39

    Could you save a life...

    if someone collapsed in front of you and stopped breathing?


    Then come along to the Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue Base

    on one of the following dates for a 1 hour  taster course.

     This is FREE of charge.

    6.00 p.m. on:

    ·         Monday 2nd September

    ·         Tuesday 10th September

    ·         Tuesday 17th September

    ·         Monday 23rd September

    ·         Monday 30th September

    ·         Tuesday 8th October


    Just one hour of your time could save a life

    Meet some of the team, have a cup of tea and attend a short introduction to CPR.

    Remember, the more people that can perform effective CPR the more lives will be saved and it could be yours or one of your family.


    So we don’t over book please ring Andy on 07747 024691 to book a place.

    If you have to cancel please let me know as places are limited.


    We are opposite the Hayes garden centre on the A591.

    Our main entrance is from the car park by the public conveniences!


    This taster is open to:

    Team member’s family and friends, locals, holiday makers


    and anyone who can spare an hour.

  • A great fundraising effort by the staff of Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe.

    Sat, 08/06/2013 - 21:16

    The staff of Tom's school have undertaken a number of challenges to raise funds for the team following the rescue of Tom Lister after his fall from Jack's Rake last summer. See more of their efforts here:

  • A blast from the past..!

    Thu, 09/05/2013 - 23:01

    We were recently recontacted by a casualty we rescued back in 2009. The gentleman suffered a very serious leg injury when he ws hit by rockfall in Eassy Gully on Pavey Ark. He was able to report that finally, 4 years later, he had been able to make it up to Easedale Tarn and Styhead Tarn. He had undergone pioneering surgery, and a lengthy rehabilitation.

    Great news!!

  • Brian Morgan

    Fri, 19/04/2013 - 00:00

    Brian was born in Preston in 1948 and first encountered the Lake District as a young boy when his father took him fishing there. Brian volunteered as a mountain rescuer at the age of 18 while serving an apprenticeship with British Aerospace. The quote from their internal paper, ‘Airframe’ states that he’d approached a mentor and told him that he’d “like to do something useful with my spare time”. He joined the South Ribble MRT, which became Bowland Pennine MRT. At that point, I doubt he had ANY idea what he was letting himself in for! Having moved to Ambleside and marrying Miriam in 1974, Brian joined Langdale Ambleside MRT, and had two children Graham and Gill. Brian’s knowledge of the hills became legendary. On one occasion he was able to identify the location of a casualty by the description they provided of the rocks around them. Walking with friends in the hills, he often navigated without a map, from memory alone. Brian’s gregarious personality meant that he was always first to welcome visiting mountain rescue teams, whether they were visiting for social reasons or to assist on a rescue. This approach made him many friends from other teams, in particular from RAF teams. On many weekends, Brian would often catch up with friends and grab an early ascent of a peak before lunch, thereby making himself available for the inevitable rescue in the afternoon. Brian was also keen to extend his enjoyment of the fells to others and would often take out groups for walks in the fells in his spare time. He hosted countless slideshow presentations at the rescue base, and spent many weekends on the team stall with his best mate Dave in Ambleside raising donations for, and promoting, the Langdale Ambleside MRT. Brian was a great proponent of the idiom that if you could make someone laugh, the pain would lessen... and became well known for joking with casualties and gently buoying them up. Rumours that the drugs they’d been given were to lessen the pain of these, often terrible jokes, remain unconfirmed. Brian would often attend nearly every call out, year in, year out, and in 2006, Brian was presented with a long-service award by the Mountain Rescue Association of England and Wales for 40 years outstanding service as a mountain rescue volunteer. Brian attended well in excess of 1500 rescues. Miriam passed away in 2007 and Brian became re-married to Margaret in 2012. Although he retired from the team in 2010, he remained an avid supporter, often stopping to chat and catch up on the latest news. If Brian was a stick of rock, he’d have ‘Mountain Rescue’ written right through him! Brian passed away in hospital in his home town of Preston on 3rd April. He will be missed by many, many people. Nick Owen, Team Leader, Langdale Ambleside MRT, 2005 to present.
  • A welcome visitor

    Sat, 06/04/2013 - 17:13

    We had a very welcome visitor to our base yesterday by the name of Tom Lister. Tom was 13 when he fell from Jack’s Rake on Pavey Ark last July, sparking a huge rescue operation. Tom’s father said his son looked so badly injured after his fall that he thought he was dead. But the teenager is almost completely recovered from injuries he suffered in the 60m fall. It was great to see him on top form and for him to meet team members who had been involved in his rescue.…
  • Two upcoming fundraising events

    Wed, 17/10/2012 - 21:59

    Mary McCormick is raising funds for LAMRT and Bowland Pennine MRT through a sponsored walk on the ‘Discover Challenge: trek the Himalayas from Pokhara to Kathmandu’.

    Mary is 74 years old, a keen walker and loves a challenge. Three years ago she went through surgery to remove half of the left lung due to lung cancer. This makes climbing in the Himalayas a real challenge for her.

    She says that she has great admiration for Mountain Rescue teams wherever they are, as she has had experience of being brought down a mountain in France on a skiing accident.

    The fact that the MR teams are volunteers is very dear to her heart as she has been a volunteer herself with V.S.O (Voluntary Service Overseas) and knows what a huge commitment volunteering can be.

    Please give generously in appreciation of MR teams everywhere, they are worth it.

    Donations can be given direct by pressing our Charity Choice button and nominating Mary in the appropriate column. Please choose the gift aid option if you are eligible and we will give half the total sum to BPMRT.…

    If you want to do something that involves getting active yourself, then this might suit you: Proceeds of this event are being split between ourselves and Coniston MRT:
    The Big Charity Abseil 2012 on Facebook 

  • A poem from rescue 65

    Fri, 07/09/2012 - 20:59

    For coming out to rescue me.
    I won't say I enjoyed the ride,
    But sledging down the mountainside,
    With a new view of Pike O' Stickle
    (Which made me feel slightly sick)
    Was quite an interesting way
    To end a lovely sunny day.

    Thanks for the warmth, the jokes, the skill
    To get me safely off the hill.
    You got there quickly, thanks again
    For saving me from stress and pain,
    But most of all my thanks are due
    To every single one of you
    For giving your free time away
    On such a lovely sunny day!