Rock climbing

Incident Report #28 1976

A 20 year old man from Glossop fell 70 ft. whilst leading a pitch on Pavey Ark, Langdale. He fell into Easy Gulley sustaining head and spinal injuries.The team lowered him down on a stretcher then carried to Stickle Tarn where RAF Boulmer flew him to Whitehaven Hospital.

Footnote: A hand hold gave way and there were no runners on, he also elected not to wear a helmet. From report and his friends he was a competent climber.

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Incident Report #21 1976

A 14 year old schoolboy from Haywards Heath sustained serious head, face and internal injuries when under climbing instruction. It appeared a large rock hit the boy on the head. The team sent every piece of medical equipment up to the accident. The boy was carried by stretcher to Tarn Crag where RAF Boulmer picked the boy and team doctor up. Flown to Carlisle Hospital.
Footnote: This is where the teams medical equipment proved its worth. The resucitation equipment proved to be a sound investment.

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Incident Report #87 2004

A couple of 19-year-old climbers from Ambleside became stuck when they got to the top of Middlefell Buttress without torches after 4pm. They were unable to locate the way down. Their shouts for help were heard in the valley bottom. They were assisted by a number of other people in the area, who supplied them with torches, and we escorted them down.

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Incident Report #53 2004

A woman in her 20s was seconding a climb when she fell off. She fell approximately 15 metres, penduluming into the crag. She sustained a serious head injury, despite her helmet, and injuries to her lower back and ankle. She was treated at the scene and airlifted to Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle by RAF helicopter. Again we were assisted by Kendal MRT.

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Incident Report #45 2004

A 68-year-old climber set off ahead of his friends on the descent from Bowfell Buttress, supposedly via Three Tarns and the Band. He never arrived back at their campsite in Langdale. He was reported as very experienced, but didn't appear to be very well equipped. As a search was organised, he turned up at Wha House Farm in Eskdale. He seemed to have made an interesting navigational error, having probably turned right at Three Tarns instead of left.

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Incident Report #21 2004

A 20-year-old male climber fell from Lower Scout Crag, ripping out all his gear and hitting the ground. He sustained an open fracture to his femur, a broken wrist, two fractures to his arm, a fractured jaw, and head injuries. The left-hand picture, below, shows the severe shortening caused by the femur fracture, and the third picture shows damage to his helmet.
head injury.

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