Rock climbing

Incident Report #31 1979

The Team went to recover the body of a 24 year old man from Manchester who had slipped while descending the grass footpath after finishing his rock climb. He fell 200'.
Footnote: This man had "E.B.s" (a smooth soled rock boot) on which could have been the cause of him to fall. It was later learned that he was a novice climber.
Weather Conditions: Cold, Wet, Rain at times. Wet Rock.

Incident Type

Incident Report #25 1979

The Team were called out to a 20 year old man from Huyton, Liverpool who had become "cragfast" so had jumped down 10' to a ledge, missed and fell. He sus¬tained a fractured left leg.
Footnote: Passing walkers found this injured man, which was very lucky for him. He was walking solo off the path and in very bad conditions. Weather Conditions: Torrential Rain, Very Low Mist, Wet Rocks, etc.

Incident Type