Incident Report #23 2023

A phone call was received by police stating a problem finding a way off Bowfell. The call was dropped and no further contact was possible. We monitored the situation overnight, but when there was no further communication by mid-morning we escalated to incident and organised a search. Thankfully a chat with staff from the Old Dungeon Ghyll alerted us to 4 young men who tey had seen around midnight, cold, wet and trying yo get back to their holiday accommodation. We located them and confirmed that they were the same people who had made the 999 call. We were able to go home


The moral of this story is that if you dial 999 for help, you also need to advise when you no longer require help!

Man Hours
1 team member for 18 hours and 6 for 2 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
Unique Incident ID