Incident Report #23 2021

Two men were unable to continue when they descended in to the Upper Esk by mistake.


In a joint operation with Wasdale MRT, they were recovered and returned to Langdale

Man Hours
4 team members for 7 hours, plus Wasdale MRT
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
Unique Incident ID
Safety Tip

Choosing a route and setting the pace

The choice of route for a day out but take into account the ability of the weakest member of a party.

There's no harm in setting a challenging route, but there has to be a contingency plan and escape routes factored in to the planning. There's no harm in cutting a route short, or turning back. The mountains will still be there next time!

The pace should be set by the slowest member, and they should be given time for rests. It's better to walk at their pace, than to find yourself hanging around for them, and much more social!