Incident Report #86 2009

Cumbria Police passed on details of a very truncated request for mountain rescue. Very little additional information was forthcoming. Tracking of the phone call suggested it originated in the Skelwith Bridge area, with a large margin for error. A rapid search of the footpaths and river bank in the area was organised, with nothing found. While this was going on we became aware that Coniston MRT had received a similarly vague call from another mobile number. They were also carrying out a search to try and locate their casualty, who had been reported ashaving a leg injury. Eventually it became obvious that we were looking for the same group. They had located a casualty in the Swirl Howe area. Once we were convinced that there were no more people unaccounted for, Langdale team members went up Greenburn to meet them and assist with the evacuation. 'Twas wet. And dark. And Dinner time. Many mid and post rescue pies were consumed. Many an army has marched on its stomach. MRTs march in varying depths of water, fuelled by pies.

Man Hours
91, plus Coniston MRT
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