Incident Report #69 2004

A man walking with his friend suffered head and chest injuries when he fell near the top end of  Rest Ghyll on the back of Crinkle Crags. He was unconscious for a short time. His friend descended to get help and Wasdale MRT were alerted. Because the informant didn't appear absolutely certain were he had left his friend we were also called. He was located by Wasdale MRT members and treatment was given. With our help he was evacuated from the ghyll and the long carry out down Mosedale began. Other personnel came up Mosedale to assist, including members of Kendal MRT. The whole operation took about 8 hours. One team member, who shall remain anonymous (I'll not even identify which team he was with) was making his way up when both torches he was carrying failed. He decided to wait until somebody caught him up, and walk with them, but fell asleep while he was waiting. And there he was found, sleeping peacefully on the side of the path.

Incident Type
Unique Incident ID