Incident Report #5 1978

Four men aged from 19 years — 23 years from Thornton Cleveleys, Lanes, fell between 750 ft. — 1,200 ft. from FAIRFIELD near the summit on snow and ice. 1 Man DIED 1 Man MULTIPLE INJURIES (SINCE DIED) 1 Man SERIOUS INJURIES 1 Man NO INJURIES - JUST SHOCK The Team carried all the injured men on stretchers down to Grasmere assisted by the Keswick M.R.T. then by ambulance to Lancaster Hospital. R.A.F. Helicopter assistance could not be given due to BLIZZARDS AND MIST. Footnote: No ICE AXES or CRAMPONS. TEAMS had to be called in from Keswick, Kendal, R.A.F. Leeming M.R.T. and Patterdale as six separate mountain incidents were taking place at the same time in the area. Weather conditions: BLIZZARDS, SNOW AND ICE, DULL, VERY COLD, VERY DANGEROUS UNDERFOOT.
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