Incident Report #31 1974

Girl (16), of Reading, collapsed from exposure near the summit of Fairfield. She was reported to be in a serious condition. While the team made their way up to the scene, an R.A.F. helicopter from Acklington was asked to assist. The helicopter found the girl and ferried her down to Ambleside where the team doctor treated her and kept her under observation.
Footnote: Once again the helicopter did a first class job in picking the girl up and transferring her at speed to Ambleside. Having said this, if the helicopter had not found her when it did, it would have had to return to Ambleside empty handed as it was then quite dark and the weather was very bad.
The helicopter was landed in total darkness at Ambleside helped by team members using improvised landing lights.
Weather conditions: Very bad, with gale force winds and very cold, but clear

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