Incident Report #12 1974

Child (7) from Macolesfield, wandered off from his parents at Harry Place Farm, Langdale, with his dalmation dog, Roc. After a search he was found by the team in a dazed and shocked condition at Penny Rock, Grasmere. A team doctor treated him for shock at Ambleside .
Footnote: This young boy had walked some seven miles after going missing at 1.15 p.m. He must have crossed a road—probably Red Bank, Grasmere, and he then made for Pelter Bridge, Rydal, and along the main Ambleside-Keswick Road to Penny Rock. He held on to the dog's collar all the time, and when he was picked up by the team, he was heading for Keswick where the family were holidaying.
Weather conditions: Good, warm and dry. His clothing and footwear were good for the conditions of the day.

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