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Back in October 2010 my wife, 12 year old son, Corrie the dog and myself moved into a rented house in Bowness on Windermere. I had managed to persuade my employers that a move to Cumbria would be of no detriment to my workload and that I could work out of one of our offices based at Glasson Dock on a day to day basis.

Just what should be in your rucksac when you head out onto the hills this summer?

Here's what I carry... more about Robert's summer essentials

February, well over twenty five years ago; I found myself the reluctant organiser of a walking party at one of their annual meets. I was standing in for my father so these people were, at best, acquaintances and many of them were bordering on being total strangers. They were a mixed group ranging from fit young mountaineers through to venerable fell walkers who were nearing the end of their fell walking days.

The usual plan was to have two routes to suit the weather and the fitness of the walkers. more about A Day When it All Went Wrong
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