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Sun, 21st July 2019, 14:21
A woman sustained an ankle injury descending from Harrison Stickle. She was treated by the team and evacuated by stretcher. We were assisted on a long carry by members of RAF Leeming MRT
Thu, 18th July 2019, 14:02
A young woman took a tumbling fall, sustaining head, facial and neck injuries. She was treated by team members and evacuated by Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick
Mon, 15th July 2019, 13:50
A climber fell, cutting his hand badly. He was treated by team members and assisted off some steep, loose ground.
Tue, 9th July 2019, 08:00
A man prospecting for climbing routes in a disused quarry in Langdale found a box of personal possessions down a hole and reported it to the police. They asked us to recover the box.
Sat, 6th July 2019, 23:33
A woman sustained a foot injury when she jumped off a wall
Thu, 4th July 2019, 12:30
A teenager taking part in organised activities became severely dehydrated
Wed, 3rd July 2019, 17:19
A woman sustained a lower leg injury when she tripped. She was treated by team members and stretchered off
Sat, 29th June 2019, 10:00
A participant in an organised cycling event was reported as unconscious and not breathing at on Wrynose Pass. Despite the efforts of a number of people including the team and air ambulance, the person was declared to have died at the scene
Wed, 26th June 2019, 20:10
A male mountain biker was assisted after he fell and dislocated is shoulder
Mon, 17th June 2019, 15:51
A man fell, sustained a suspected fracture/dislocation to the shoulder. He was treated by team members and transferred to an ambulance via team stretcher
Thu, 13th June 2019, 15:58
A female was reported feeling faint and unwell near Buxton's Jump, Rydal. The team was called and the woman was evacuated to an ambulance
Tue, 11th June 2019, 18:42
We were requested to assist NWAS in evacuating a patient who had suffered a suspected cardiac arrest while running with companions. He was transferred to an air ambulance and flown to hospital
Mon, 10th June 2019, 21:52
A climber was hit by a large falling rock while descending from a route. He sustained serious multiple injuries. His companion raised the alarm. In the complex ground of the crag and the gloom of dusk, it took us a while to locate them. Team members were lifted to the crag by Coastguard Rescue 199. Belays were established and they were lowered to the climber and his condition was stabilised. He was then lowered further down the crag to appoint where the helicopter could reach them again to winch the injured man aboard. He was flown to a major trauma centre for treatment.
Sun, 9th June 2019, 15:09
Male tripped and sustained knee and shoulder injury. Treated by team members ans evacuated by stretcher with help from Kendal MRT
Sat, 25th May 2019, 18:00
Two intrepid young men became cragfast on steep ground when their ambition outstripped their ability. They were recovered to flatter ground via a rope system
Fri, 24th May 2019, 12:29
We were requested to assist someone who had fallen, hit their head and were reported as trapped.
Sun, 19th May 2019, 14:38
We rescued a male who was taken ill on the beach at Grasmere
Sat, 18th May 2019, 09:59
A male was injured when he fell from his horse. He was treated by NWAS paramedics and team members and evacuated
Thu, 16th May 2019, 12:17
A male was reported as fitting near Blea Tarn. The team attended along with an ambulance. He was treated and evacuated to the ambulance
Wed, 15th May 2019, 15:12
We were requested to assist the air ambulance crew to evacuate a cyclist who had been injured in a crash. We were on route when we were informed that they'd managed without us
Sun, 12th May 2019, 16:42
The team was called to assist two cyclists who had suffered serious injuries after both crashing on the descent of Wrynose Pass while taking part in a cycle event. Also attending were Duddon and Furness MRT and two air ambulances.
Sun, 12th May 2019, 11:08
After nearly a month without a rescue we were called in to action again by a request from NWAS to assist a crew. We helped with the evacuation of a woman who had taken a tumbling fall on steep ground close to the road.
Sun, 14th April 2019, 12:13
A male suffered a dislocated ankle in Rydal Lower Cave. It's a tricky place to get out of
Sat, 13th April 2019, 12:21
We recovered a couple from Mark Gate after one of them became severely fatigued. They were located via SARLOC
Mon, 8th April 2019, 14:47
We rescued a male with a leg injury from North Rake on Pavey Ark
Sun, 31st March 2019, 14:39
A woman tripped and tumbled, sustaining a head injury in the process. She was treated by paramedics and team members and transferred to an ambulance for transport to hospital
Sun, 24th March 2019, 11:56
Male reported unwell on a path behind Stickle Barn. Team responded but were stood down on route after he walked aided to an NWAS ambulance
Mon, 18th March 2019, 11:36
A female suffered a head injury in a fall. She was treated and walked off
Sun, 17th March 2019, 12:15
A walker sustained a knee injury when he slipped on wet ground. He was treated by team members and evacuated
Sat, 16th March 2019, 18:50
We were involved in a lengthy operation to assist a despondent male on Great Rigg. With assistance from Kendal and Patterdale MRTs and a Coastguard helicopter, he was recovered to Carlisle Infirmary
Fri, 15th March 2019, 12:46
We investigated reports of a whistle being blown repeatedly. Nothing was found. False alarm with good intent
Sun, 10th March 2019, 11:38
We were requested by Patterdale MRT to assist with a multi-vehicle RTC on Kirkstone Pass in snowy conditions. We evacuated 23 elderly people from a coach stranded by the road closure Many thanks to The Queen's Head hotel at Troutbeck for acting as a reception centre while alternative transport was organised for them
Sat, 9th March 2019, 13:51
Two men became cragfast at the top of the first pitch of Crescent Climb. In a lengthy operation, they were recovered to flatter ground
Thu, 7th March 2019, 14:56
One of a party of two sustained a suspected fractured ankle when she slipped on wet ground. Having been located via SARLOC, she was treated by team members and evacuated by stretcher
Sun, 3rd March 2019, 22:28
Two young men camped out but we're battered by a storm and couldn't get down next day. They tried to sit out the storm but it knocked their tent down. We were called to recover them having located the using SARLOC
Sun, 24th February 2019, 10:38
We were requested to attend a cyclist who had come off his bike on Wrynose Pass. The location was uncertain, so our attendance was precautionary due to potential access difficulties. Two team members arrived on scene to find the man being assisted by a passing doctor. We assisted with continued care while an ambulance arrived along with two further team members. The man was immobilized and moved to the ambulance for ongoing treatment and transport
Sat, 23rd February 2019, 17:44
Two people became benighted as it went dark and they couldn't locate the way off. We located them using SARLOC and then assisted them back to Three Shires Stone
Sat, 9th February 2019, 03:21
An early start to assist police in searching for a despondent male who had reported himself as taking an overdose. He was located by team members, his condition stabilised and he was transferred to an ambulance. Storm Erik made for challenging conditions
Fri, 8th February 2019, 19:35
An elderly male was reported overdue from a low-level walk. The team was assembling to look for him when he turned up, unharmed
Sat, 26th January 2019, 14:50
RAF Leeming MRT encountered a man who was lost on Fairfield summit. With team members committed to two other rescues, they assisted us by escorting the man down
Sat, 26th January 2019, 12:40
A man sustained a suspected lower leg fracture on very wet ground on Loughrigg. He was treated and evacuated by team members
Sat, 26th January 2019, 11:53
A woman sustained a suspected lower leg fracture when she slipped on very steep, rocky ground. She was treated by team members and evacuated by team members
Thu, 24th January 2019, 13:30
Male with leg injury in Scandale. Evacuated by team vehicle
Thu, 24th January 2019, 12:20
Male with mental health issues reported in need of help
Sat, 19th January 2019, 15:10
A couple attempted to cross Wrynose Pass in heavy snow and ice conditions. They didn't get too far and a number of medical conditions meant that they needed recovering from the vehicle
Thu, 17th January 2019, 12:42
A woman tumbled and sustained injuries to her neck and shoulder. She was treated by air ambulance paramedics and team members and evacuated to hospital by helicopter. With team members previously committed to an incident in Windermere, we were assisted by Coniston MRT
Thu, 17th January 2019, 11:57
A woman slipped and sustained an ankle fracture. She was treated by team members and evacuated
Sat, 12th January 2019, 12:57
A man sustained an ankle injury when he slipped. He was treated by team members and evacuated by stretcher before being taken to hospital by his friend
Thu, 3rd January 2019, 15:59
A woman sustained a lower leg injury. She was treated by team members and evacuated by stretcher
Wed, 2nd January 2019, 14:56
A woman slipped near the summit of Wansfell and sustained an ankle injury. She was treated by team members and evacuated by stretcher
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