Three Tarns

Incident Report #96 2007

Sat, 17th November 2007, 20:25

Two days on....No dinner.....again....but that would have been so simple.

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84, plus 3 SARDA dogs and Duddon & Furness MRT
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Incident Report #14 2006

Sat, 18th February 2006, 14:03

A man sustained an ankle injury when he slipped on an icy slab near Three Tarns. Team members set off the old fashioned way, on foot,

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Incident Report #10 2006

Mon, 13th February 2006, 17:13

A couple from London became lost in the vicinity of Bowfell.

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Incident Report #97 2004

Sat, 20th November 2004, 13:25

A man in his 40s sustained a dislocated shoulder when he slipped on frozen ground. We were en-route up the Band when we made aware that a helicopter that had been assisting Keswick MRT in Allen Crag Ghyll had reached the casualty and uplifted him. He was taken to Furness General Hospital.

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Incident Report #35 2001

Sat, 29th September 2001, 15:17

A 56-year-old woman from a walking group sustained an ankle injury. She was treated at the scene and carried down to the valley. We were assisted with this long carry by Kendal MRT, who also took her through to hospital in their Ambulance.

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Incident Report #36 1998

Sun, 12th July 1998, 18:26
Three young people were on a final hike before an expedition to Kenya, and were being "shadowed" by two supervisors. One of the two females suffered a minor ankle injury. One of the supervisors left them to fetch a car to meet them, so they could descend by an easier route, but took 17 hours to reach Langdale! The group were eventually located by Wasdale MRT and were escorted in to Langdale. Sometimes you have to wonder who supervises the supervisors. A traditional "de-brief" followed at our base. Fortunately the Wasdale team didn't have to walk home.
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Incident Report #40 1995

Thu, 13th July 1995, 15:10
A man had his foot crushed when he tried to stop a rock from falling on his wife. He was given medical treatment and helicoptered to Barrow by RAF Boulmer
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Incident Report #15 1992

Thu, 30th April 1992, 12:28
16 year old boy, part of a D of E group, came down with exhaustion/exposure in vile weather conditions. An accurate grid reference was most useful in the prevailing conditions. Team was assisted by Kendal MRT.
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Incident Report #32 1989

Fri, 2nd June 1989, 14:17
A 61 year old woman slipped and sustained a fractured lower leg. Stretchered to Team's ambulance and then transferred lo County ambulance at Ambleside for the journey to hospital.
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Incident Report #11 1982

Sun, 30th May 1982, 16:00

During rescue 10 there was a report of a 47 year old female from Kirkby-in-Ashfield suffering from a fracture of her lower leg. The Team assisted by R.A.F. St Athans M.R.T. located the casualty in the Upper Esk. All evacuated by the helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmeron its return journey from Whilehaven.

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