Incident Report #60 1998

Tue, 15th September 1998, 09:26
A person was reported to be 'drunk' and unresponsive on Loughrigg by a man out walking early. We were asked to take a look by the Police. When we got there and examined the woman, we found an empty whisky bottle and a very large quantity of Paracetomol unaccounted for. The woman was deeply unconscious. She was stabilised at the scene and then taken to Kendal Hospital. She was very ill and was transferred to Furness General. She remained very ill for a few days, and then started to recover.
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Incident Report #29 1998

Thu, 28th May 1998, 14:15
This local woman dislocated her kneecap when she fell after her dog pulled her over. You feed them, let them sleep on the end of your bed, chase them round with a plastic bag, take them to the vets and this is the thanks you get!
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Incident Report #25 1998

Wed, 13th May 1998, 18:11
An elderly man slipped and sustained serious lacerations to his leg. He was treated and evacuated to the valley.
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Incident Report #24 1998

Mon, 11th May 1998, 14:33
An Australian woman on a bus tour of the UK slipped and fractured her ankle. Ironically she was one of the best equipped in terms of footwear amongst the group. Some people are just unlucky.
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Incident Report #22 1998

Sun, 3rd May 1998, 11:54
A 37-year-old woman slipped and sustained a suspected ankle fracture.
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Incident Report #91 1997

Wed, 31st December 1997, 12:04
A woman slipped and sustained a suspected ankle fracture. She was retrieved form the fell and conveyed to Hospital in our Ambulance.
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Incident Report #57 1997

Tue, 5th August 1997, 15:03
A 12-year-old boy was allowed to swim out to an island, but only just made it and became stranded on the island, to exhausted and cold to swim back. The remoteness of the tarn meant that no boat was available, so a Team member donned a life jacket and swam out. Both were then pulled back to safety. A little better judgement of the boys swimming ability by the Father would have prevented this incident.
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Incident Report #51 1997

Tue, 29th July 1997, 15:00
An 83-year-old local woman slipped and fractured her lower leg.
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Incident Report #19 1997

Tue, 25th March 1997, 11:47
This woman slipped in poor footwear and sustained leg and head injuries.
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Incident Report #78 1996

Sat, 28th December 1996, 15:04
A 50 year old man was reported overdue by his friends after a walk. He was reported as suffering from an "illness". A search was organised, but the man turned up safe and well as Team members were being dispatched.
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