Incident Report #20 2003

Sat, 22nd March 2003, 13:05

A woman slipped while descending and sustained a suspected ankle fracture. The rest is, as they say, history.

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Incident Report #13 2003

Sun, 16th February 2003, 15:24

A woman slipped near the top of Loughrigg, and sustained a suspected fractured ankle.

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Incident Report #48 2002

Tue, 10th September 2002, 19:47

A father and daughter went walking on Loughrigg and failed to return. A search was organised, mainly on account of the child being very young, but as this was under way, they phoned from the pub!

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Incident Report #7 2002

Thu, 10th January 2002, 13:40

A woman slipped and sustained a lower leg injury. I'm sorry, but I'm running out of new and innovative ways of describing this type of incident.

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Incident Report #57 2001

Wed, 26th December 2001, 17:53

A 55-year-old man slipped on a snow covered path and sustained an ankle injury. It was a fine afternoon to spend looking at the view, while waiting for us to arrive and do what we do. We did what we do and went home.

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Incident Report #52 2001

Sun, 2nd December 2001, 13:27

A woman slipped and suffered a lower right leg fracture. We were en route to this incident when a second one occurred. We divided our resources, and dealt with the first incident with the help of the Air Ambulance.

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Incident Report #17 2001

Thu, 26th July 2001, 21:37

A 76-year-old man collapsed with a suspected heart attack. Sadly he died, despite the efforts of ourselves and the Air Ambulance, which had also been called.

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Incident Report #16 2001

Tue, 24th July 2001, 18:55

A 24-year-old man slipped and sustained a suspected spinal injury. The man was treated at the scene, and carried to our ambulance, then transported to hospital

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Incident Report #4 2001

Sat, 20th January 2001, 15:31

While the previous incident was under way, we were called to another man with an ankle fracture, this time a little nearer the road. We did the business and he was evacuated to hospital.

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Incident Report #50 2000

Mon, 21st August 2000, 13:25

A 56-year-old man fell while walking on Loughrigg and suffered a suspected fracture to his leg. He was given first aid and evacuated to hospital.

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