Incident Report #3 1983

Sun, 30th January 1983, 18:25

During a college course an 18 year old female from Wirral, slipped on wet fellside and suffered fractures to her upper arm and collar bone. Team recalled as girl had been escorted off the Fell.

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Incident Report #11 1982

Sun, 30th May 1982, 16:00

During rescue 10 there was a report of a 47 year old female from Kirkby-in-Ashfield suffering from a fracture of her lower leg. The Team assisted by R.A.F. St Athans M.R.T. located the casualty in the Upper Esk. All evacuated by the helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmeron its return journey from Whilehaven.

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Incident Report #40 1981

Sat, 24th October 1981, 15:15

Whilst trying to take a short cut on Fell race a 24 year old female from Gwynedd fell in Gulley and suffered spinal, head and rib injuries. Members of Bolton M.R.T. assisted. A slightly injured male competitor was also escorted down the fell.

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Incident Report #15 1981

Sun, 21st June 1981, 11:30

The Wasdale Team requested our assistance to search for a solo fell walker who was reported overdue between Cockley Beck and Angle Tarn. Located unharmed.

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Incident Report #13 1981

Sat, 13th June 1981, 20:30

The Team assisted by S.A.R.D.A., Furness, Kendal, Penrith Teams searched for 13 hours for a Preston couple who had been reported missing after fell walk.

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Incident Report #3 1980

Sun, 13th January 1980, 21:15

A search was mounted for a male climber reported overdue. The Team, assisted by Kendal and Keswick Teams searched Great End and Bowfell areas. Found unharmed 9.30 a.m. on 14th January 1980.Lost in darkness, no torch carried.

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Incident Report #36 1979

Mon, 12th November 1979, 17:20

The Team were called out to assist a 45 year old man from Barrow-in-Furness after he had slipped and fallen about 50' on black ice. He sustained broken ribs and cuts, etc. He was well equipped and an experienced walker. Weather Conditions: Very Cold, Clear and Frosty, Ice Underfoot.

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Incident Report #33 1979

Tue, 23rd October 1979, 21:45

A search was called for two youths from Ashstead and High Field in Surrey. They were found safe and well at 6-20 a.m. on 24th October. Poor navigation had resulted in them "getting lost" so they had decided to go to ground for the night.
Weather Conditions: Cold and Wet Underfoot.

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Incident Report #6 1979

Sun, 8th April 1979, 15:30

A 31 year old man from Westcliffe-on-Sea had fallen about 300ft. from a main gulley onto snow sustaining head injuries and a possible fractured cheekbone. The Team escorted him down.
Footnote: His injuries may have been caused by his Ice Axe. Another climber stopped him falling any further — very well equipped.
Weather Conditions: Cold, Deep Snow, Ice, Clear.

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Incident Report #18 1976

Sat, 1st May 1976, 16:25

Two men aged 34 years and 47 years from Sheffield and Keighly respectively, collapsed with exhaustion and exposure at the summit of Bowfell, Langdale. Both men were given 'Reviva' treatment (hot air). The team carried one on a stretcher and the other under his "own steam" to Angle Tarn, where a helicopter from RAF Boulmer took them both to Keswick Hospital.

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