Incident Report #32 1989

Fri, 2nd June 1989, 14:17
A 61 year old woman slipped and sustained a fractured lower leg. Stretchered to Team's ambulance and then transferred lo County ambulance at Ambleside for the journey to hospital.
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Incident Report #1 1989

Sun, 1st January 1989, 23:00
A 58 year old man was reported overdue after leaving the rest of his party to descend by himself. A Search Dog found the man at the base of a 50 foot crag some distance from the path. The man had fallen over the crag whilst descending in darkness (no torch found) and had sustained fatal injuries.
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Incident Report #11 1988

Sat, 5th March 1988, 16:40
Two climbers were reported to have been avalanched in North Gully. The Team was called to investigate, nothing found but other climbers said that two climbers were avalanched 500 feet and walked away unhurt.
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Incident Report #10 1988

Wed, 24th February 1988, 18:53
A 20 year old man, part of an Outward Bound Group, slipped on snow and ice at Ore Gap sustaining head injuries from his ice axe. He continued down suffering bouts of unconsciousness before finally collapsing. Search dogs assisted in locating the casualty who was flown to hospital by RAF Helicopter.
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Incident Report #49 1987

Tue, 13th October 1987, 20:00

A search was mounted when a 64 year old man from Kendal was reported missing by his wife. Search dogs checked the usual paths and tracks. Eventually found at Brotherilkeld, Eskdale safe and well. 2 other 'lost' walkers also found at same location.

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Incident Report #5 1987

Sat, 31st January 1987, 13:12

A 21 year old man from Crosby fell 500' from rocks near top of snow/ice climb. He sustained back, leg and very serious head in|uries. A helicopter from RAF Boulmer flew team doctor and unconscious casualty to Lancaster Hospital. Later transferred to Preston Royal Hospital. His condition was critical for some time.

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Incident Report #40 1985

Mon, 19th August 1985, 17:05

Very greasy rocks may have caused a 16 year old female from Surrey to fall 100ft onto screes and sustain a fractured skull and other serious injuries. A helicopter from R. A. F. Boulmer airlifted Team Doctor to the scene and assisted with the evacuation. Kendal M.R.T also in attendance. Weather conditions: Low cloud, raining at times.

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Incident Report #18 1985

Sun, 5th May 1985, 23:15

A search was mounted for 2, 20 year old females from Liverpool University rambling group reported missing. Assisted by R.A.F. Leeming M.R.T. and search dogs from Langdale,
Keswick, North Yorks and Lancashire. Found O D.G. campsite, Group Leader had overlooked note left in tent.

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Incident Report #43 1984

Sat, 6th October 1984, 15:10

A man aged 74 from Edinburgh fell at the Bad Step and sustained fatal injuries. The team and R.A.F. Linton M.R.T. was alerted. A helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer, on exercise in the area, diverted to assist and flew the body down to Ambleside.

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Incident Report #35 1983

Wed, 24th August 1983, 12:05

The Team assisted by Lakeside Centre Staff went to the aid of a 15 year old youth from Sussex who slipped on rocks and fractured his ankle. Stretchered to Stool End Farm.

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