Incident Report #26 1999

Sun, 23rd May 1999, 21:12

Two men on a sponsored walk were reported overdue. They were amongst 20 or so unaccounted for, but for some reason were causing the organisers concern, when the others weren't. We found them after a brief search. We went home quickly before the status of any of the others changed. The organisers had a great plan in place with respect to emergencies, but like all plans they work really well until you introduce people into them! Mountain Rescue Teams in the Lake District share a common dislike for sponsored events on the hills.

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Incident Report #25 1999

Sun, 23rd May 1999, 12:51

This 24-year-old man slipped and sustained an ankle injury. We were assisted in his evacuation by helicopters from RAF Valley and Boulmer. Investigation revealed that he was not as badly injured as we had been led to believe.

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Incident Report #4 1999

Sat, 13th February 1999, 15:07

If ever we wanted to get revenge for the wild goose chase we had been sent on by Kendal MRT on the previous incident, then tonight was sweet. (We didn't really want revenge; it wasn't their fault). In the blue corner was an 18 stone, 6'8" man with a suspected fractured ankle, teamed up with icy conditions and darkness, and a long way from civilisation. In the red corner were LAMRT and Kendal MRT trying to rescue him. We did it, but it was a close fought battle and nearly a draw. Those involved took three or four days to recover and walk normally again.

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Incident Report #70 1998

Sat, 31st October 1998, 17:30
While descending from the previous callout team members came across a number of other people in various sized groups, all making heavy going of descending without torches. One of these groups included a woman in the advanced stages of exhaustion. All were escorted to the valley bottom and a number were given hot drinks and taken to their cars to prevent a worsening of their exhausted state. Very few of either these people, or the people from the previous group were equipped for the winter conditions that prevailed on this day, or for the early onset of darkness.
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Incident Report #69 1998

Sat, 31st October 1998, 14:15
A 19-year-old woman slipped about 5 metres below Bowfell summit and damaged her knee. She was treated at the scene and then taken by helicopter to Carlisle. The remaining 15 or so of her party were then escorted down, not having a torch among them.
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Incident Report #43 1998

Sat, 1st August 1998, 17:02
A woman slipped and fractured her ankle on Bowfell. It's a long way down, so Kendal MRT helped us out.
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Incident Report #88 1997

Tue, 25th November 1997, 19:12
A solo man was reported overdue at home. His route card left at home suggested an epic walk, and didn't narrow things down much. With the assistance of Keswick and Furness MRTs and SARDA Lakes he was located by a dog in Rossett Ghyll, benighted. He thought he was on The Band, this being a lot closer to his actual location than some other people we have retrieved this year. No amount of debriefing from us was going to assist him through the "debrief" he was going to get when he got home.
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Incident Report #87 1997

Sun, 23rd November 1997, 21:45
A Father (41) and Son (21) were reported overdue at home. A search was organised with the help of Keswick MRT and SARDA Lakes. They were eventually located by LAMRT on Gunson Knott. They were cold and benighted. Team members stocked them up with hot drinks and food and they were escorted off the hill at first light. Last heard on the phone to home promising to never go walking in the winter again!
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Incident Report #59 1996

Fri, 20th September 1996, 15:13
A man walking with a party under instruction collapsed, with severe chest pains. The instructor, also a Team Member alerted our Base with an MR radio. The Team was called out and a helicopter requested. The man was taken to Furness General Hospital.
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Incident Report #76 1995

Thu, 16th November 1995, 02:00
Another man was reported overdue. We decided that they were probably together. This proved to be the case when they were located unhurt at 7.45 a.m next day. The weather conditions were playing up that night. Some hill parties were experiencing calm conditions and others were experiencing gales and snow, only a few miles apart.
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