Incident Report # 2004

Fri, 2nd January 2004, 18:30

While the previous incident was under way, we were made aware of a father and son who were overdue from their walk in the Bowfell area. Fortunately they turned up in Borrowdale before we had to go and look for them.

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Incident Report #33 2002

Sun, 14th July 2002, 23:27

Three men were reported overdue from a climbing trip to Bowfell. Their friend reported them overdue at the pub. He found them when he returned to their tent. We had started to assemble at base, but hadn't gone out on the hill yet.

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Incident Report #26 2002

Sat, 15th June 2002, 22:34

A party of three men reported themselves lost and cragfast somewhere on Bowfell. They gave us the impression that their lives were in peril. They insisted that only a helicopter would be able to rescue them ,but we new different. A search ensued and they were located by Search Dog Sky. There were not injured and were assisted to the valley, slowly. It would be fair to say that they were a little out of their depth and the danger was subjective.

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Incident Report #54 2001

Sat, 8th December 2001, 18:45

A man in his 30's suffered a leg injury when he pulled a boulder on his foot. The group he was with reported themselves as near the top of the Band. They even gave us a grid reference. They were actually considerably higher, near the summit of Bowfell. He was treated and evacuated with help from Kendal MRT.

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Incident Report #35 2001

Sat, 29th September 2001, 15:17

A 56-year-old woman from a walking group sustained an ankle injury. She was treated at the scene and carried down to the valley. We were assisted with this long carry by Kendal MRT, who also took her through to hospital in their Ambulance.

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Incident Report #23 2001

Mon, 20th August 2001, 13:02

We were called to investigate reports of cries for help in the Great Slab area of Bowfell. The 200 sheep and accompanying dogs appeared to be getting down without need of assistance!

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Incident Report #6 2001

Mon, 12th February 2001, 21:10

Two women were reported overdue from their walk over Bowfell. A search was organised, with help from SARDA, but the women turned up in Borrowdale before we got to far. They had been delayed when one of them took a tumble and injured her shoulder. It is also probable that they had no torches or map. It was a clear, but  moonless night, so this wouldn't have helped. Still, it was a nice walk out.

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Incident Report #5 2001

Sun, 4th February 2001, 13:15

A man slipped on hard packed snow whilst crossing the climbers traverse. He fell approximately 400ft, and sadly, died of his injuries. A helicopter assisted with the evacuation of his body to Ambleside.

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Incident Report #31 2000

Sat, 13th May 2000, 16:00

A 32-year-old local woman slipped and suffered a dislocated right knee. It's a long way to the back of Bowfell. We were assisted by some members of Cockermouth MRT who were training in the area, and a helicopter from RAF Boulmer.

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Incident Report #9 2000

Thu, 17th February 2000, 17:02

A group of two adults and two children phoned the police saying they were lost in the region of Ore Gap, but had no map, so weren't certain. They were located at the top of Rossett Ghyll and escorted to safety. They were suffering from cold. A map would have eased their difficulties. We were assisted by Keswick MRT, because it was possible that they had gone down towards Borrowdale.

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