Ambleside area

Incident Report #47 1982

Mon, 6th December 1982, 01:30

A search was mounted with assistance from S.A.R.D.A. fora 64 year old Ambleside man who was last seen in town centre 5-12-82. A night and day search with negative results. Body found in Lowwood Bay 30-12-82.

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Incident Report #23 1974

Wed, 21st August 1974, 13:30

Female (44), of Worcester Park, Surrey, slipped on wet grass whilst walk¬ing on a footpath at High Grove, Kirkstone, Ambleside, and she received a broken ankle and leg injuries. The team conveyed her down the fell on a stretcher and then she was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal. Footnote: The woman had wandered down the fell path in ordinary clothing and smooth soled shoes. She claimed to be an experienced fell walker, and yet she had left her suitable clothing and footwear in her parked car. Weather conditions: Dull, with low mist and ground conditions were very wet.

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