Incident Report #49 1988

The Team assisted by Wasdale MRT, Keswick MRT, Eskdale OBMS and SARDA, searched for a party of 5 adults and 4 teenage girls who failed to return from a walk to Scafell. They were found by search dog at Broad Stand near Scafell. They were attempting to complete Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon within the weekend, although they had already failed on Ben Nevis due to the poor weather conditions. Poor judgement by the teachers was main cause of this incident.
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Incident Report #32 1988

the Team, SARDA. and Keswick MRT mounted a search for two 18 year old men who failed to return to Langdale from a walk to Scafell. They returned to Langdale at 2.30 am 24/7/88 having gone down to Borrowdale at 7.30pm the previous evening! Very limited experience and very poor equipment featured strongly in this call out.
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Incident Report #40 1977

A search was started by the team when 10 schoolboys and 2 adults from Everton failed to return from a fellwalk on the Crinkle Crags area, Langdale. Team members with dogs searched many valleys and fell tops. They were found unharmed, but slightly exposed and exhausted at 3.00 a.m., near Green Hole, Higher Esk. The team escorted them down to Brotherelkeld, Eskdale, and then by ambulances to Langdale , where they had a meal and changed to dry clothes. Team assisted by Eskdale OBMS and Patterdale. Footnote: This group started off far too late in the day for a long distance walk.
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Incident Report #34 1977

A search was started when four people were reported missing on a walk from Langdale to Esk Hause, via Rossett Gill. The search was called off when they walked off the fell the next morning at 9.45 a.m., unharmed. — but LUCKY. They had spent the night near Hell Gill in Oxendale. Footnote: This group (1 man and 3 women) was still going up Rossett Gill at 4.30 p.m., with only one hour of daylight left They had no protective cloth¬ing, torch, food or spare clothing.
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Incident Report #4 1977

The Team assisted Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and search dogs after two male walkers were reported missing on Scafell Pike. Search called off after all night search when the men walked off the fell in Borrowdale at 9.00 a.m. Footnote: Once again, another group caught out by darkness — "We did not give ourselves enough time for the walk in daylight" said one man. Weather conditions: Deteriorating, thick hill fog, strong winds, cold - old hard snow underfoot.
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Incident Report #3 1977

The Team assisted the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team in a search for two men missing in Deepdale — Greenhowe End area Patterdale. Found unharmed at 11.00 a.m., and escorted down the fell. Footnote: These men gave false names and addresses to the police — reason not given. They were caught out by darkness after climbing a snow gulley. Weather conditions: Thick hill fog, rain showers, windy. Thawing snow underfoot.
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Incident Report #2 1977

The team recovered the body of a missing man, age 40 years, at the head of Troutbeck Park, Troutbeck, Windermere, when a farmer found him whilst tending his sheep. Carried three miles by team on a stretcher. Footnote: There seems to be a mystery surrounding this man, who had been seen in the area some days before he was found. Last known address was Barrow-in-Furness. Cumbria police seem to know this man. Clothing and footwear (missing when found) totally inadequate for conditions. Weather conditions: Cold, dull with snow showers, ice and deep snow underfoot.
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Incident Report #1 1977

A search of Loughrigg Fell and surrounding areas of Ambleside was made when a 13 year old local boy was last seen at Todd Crag, Loughrigg. The boy was found unharmed at Rydal at 9.00 p.m. Footnote: The boy had little or no protective clothing to spend a night on the fells. Plimsoles were his only form of footwear. Weather conditions: Very cold, ice underfoot, darkness.
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Incident Report #71 2011

A couple became separated on Crinkle Crags... one of them made it back to their vehicle and reported the other missing. The other, it transpired had been searching the rridge for his missing partner, eventually becoming exhausted and benighted near Swinsty Ghyll. He was found here by team members and escorted to safety. We were assisted by Wasdale MRT and search dogs.
Man Hours
10 team members for 4.5 hours, plus Wasdale MRT
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