Incident Report #68 1994

Tue, 12th July 1994, 11:58
A 13 year old young man, in a school party under adult supervision, was ascending 'Jacks Rake' when he slipped and fell 150 feet onto the rocks below. He sustained multiple injuries including a fractured skull and a pneumo/haemothorax. After being stabilised by the team on the fellside, he was airlifted to Preston hospital by RAF Boulmer,
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Incident Report #13 1994

Mon, 7th February 1994, 15:04
A man with inadequate equipment tried to climb Gt. Gully. Becoming cragfast 50ft. up the route, he shouted for help. After 4 hours, passers-by raised the alarm. Team members climbed to the man. just in time to see RAF Boulmer winch him into the helicopter. He was flown to Arnbleside to be treated for severe exposure.
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Incident Report #25 1990

Sat, 19th May 1990, 12:57

43 year old man fell into the waterfalls and sustained head and leg injuries. Team assisted by SARDA, RAF St. Athan and RAF Boulmer.

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Incident Report #29 1988

Sun, 3rd July 1988, 19:17
A 24 year old man fell whilst scrambling and dislocated a shoulder. He was given pain reducing drugs and conveyed to waiting ambulance.
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Incident Report #40 1983

Tue, 30th August 1983, 22:30

As rescue 39 was in progress the Team split and went to the assistance of a 41 year old man from Swindon who suffered head, spinal, arm and leg injuries when he fell 70 feet due to a rock hand-hold breaking away. A helicopter from RAF Boulmer winched up the casualty from the crag then flew on to camp site field to airlift casualty 39 and take both to Whitehaven Hospital.

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Incident Report #23 1981

Sat, 15th August 1981, 12:05

Whilst scrambling with friends a 13 year old youth from Blackpool slipped and fell 20' into Gulley bed. He suffered head and arm injuries and a severe gash to his buttocks.

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Incident Report #22 1980

Sun, 29th June 1980, 15:40

A 24 year old man from Blackpool suffered severe leg and back injuries when he fell in gulley.

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Incident Report #16 1976

Sun, 25th April 1976, 13:15

A 27 year old man from Preston left the Jakes Rake path on Pavey Ark, Langdale by mistake and found himself going up a loose stone gulley, he pulled a large stone on himself and fractured his right leg/ankle. The team roped the stretcher and it was taken to the top of Pavey Ark. He was carried down the fell and then to hospital by ambulance to Kendal.
Footnote: Jakes Rake is becoming more loose very year, and at the time of this rescue it was in a dangerous condition.

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